S9+ Rom question


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Hi there
Today I unlocked my Japanese Docomo SC-03K Galaxy S9+ using Samtool.

Because the phone was originally running the latest update on Android 9.0, I downgraded to SC03KOMU1ARK1 (Android 8.0) using Odin

From there I was able to unlock the phone with Samtool, but I have some questions!

  1. Will the phone remain unlocked If I reflash the latest update (SC03KOMU1BSI1, Andriod 9.0) rom back to the phone?
  2. Attempting to update the phone via Software Update option on the phone settings menu results in "Registration failed" is this due to the unlock?
  3. If i do update back to SC03KOMU1BSI1, should i flash everything again? (BL/AP/CP/CSC) or should i skip any?