Remote Repair IMEI Samsung Note10, Note10+ USA Qualcomm: Fix Bad IMEI, Fix Blacklist IMEI, Carriers Unlock (SM-N970U/U1, SM-N975U/U1)

1-24 Hours, Max 48 Hours | 9:00AM - 21:00PM (UTC+7)


From To Price
1 $125

This IMEI repair is permanent. your imei will remain after factory resets and software updates !
Sprint, Verizon devices will not work back on Sprint, Verizon. Only work on other Carrier !

You will need the following requirements please read.

  • Windows pc (mac or tablet will not work)
  • Data cable to connect phone to pc
  • Device must be on the stock factory software/ firmware on phone unless we instruct otherwise
  • Dial *#06# on phone an imei must be displayed and not say null show blank or /00
  • Make sure your google / reactivation lock is turned off in phone, this can be done by going to accounts in settings and signing out
  • Stable internet is mandatory for successful service of the device
  • No hot spot device (portable wi-fi)
  • Must have speeds of 10MB down 2MB upload speed

If and where applicable, by placing any order with us, you certify that the device being unlocked falls within the exemption of 31 C.F.R. 201.40(b)(3) or that you have the carrier’s permission to unlock the device !